Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 1

The MTC is intense!! It really is non-stop studying and learning and improving and growing. The first couple days are interesting and kind of hard. You are adjusting to a whole new life and being given tons of information. Everyone said that Sunday is the day. You make it to Sunday, and you'll make it through. So true. It wasn't that it was too much per say, just that we don't really get to have any free/ down time. A quick idea of a daily schedule is 7:00 breakfast, 7:30-11:30 class, 11:30 lunch, 12:15-3 class, 3-4:30 study, 4:30 dinner, 5-8:15 study, 8:25-9:15 gym, 9:30 personal time, 10:15 quiet time, 10:30 lights out. So that doesn't really leave room to think about anything but the gospel and teaching. And even then, your mind starts to hurt. But I'm not stressed out and I love it here. 


I have honestly learned so much!! Did you get my letter earlier about my companion and district? I still love them! My companion is Sister Evans. She is very sweet and spiritual and we get along really well. For part of class, we teach "investigators". We have 2 teachers who each picked an investigator they taught on their mission. We call them our progressing investigators (PIs). They act like them and we teach them. So Sister Evans and I are teaching Wade. He is from Tennessee, was a Baptist, wants to come closer to Christ. So really good practice for the mission! Teaching him the first time was amazing! That was Saturday. The Spirit was really strong with us and it was just amazing. We also have another investigator. We got her through the TRC (teaching resource center). This is a group of members and non-members that get paid to be taught all day by missionaries. Her name is Tayla. She is from South Africa and is in Utah for school. She was recruited by BYU to play softball. She has a strong-belief in Christ and has a great knowledge of the Bible. (also perfect for the mission). We taught her for the first time yesterday. I love her. Missionaries are completely right when they say they fall in love with their investigators. After teaching her, I finally saw just HOW much I've changed. She asks deep questions because she wants to learn the doctrine. Anyway, she asked a question and we didn't quite have an answer for her and we had to go. But after we got back to the classroom, I was searching the scriptures for an answer. I have a much greater desire to learn more and search the scriptures. I used to be content with the information I learned during church, seminary, EFY, and our family studies. I wanted to know more. I wanted to answer her question and show that I cared enough to find out for her. I had a good feeling after I realized that! :) 


For the morning of P-day today, we went to the temple. The Provo temple is beautiful! It is a unique experience to attend the temple after a week of intense spiritual growth. Also, the sister, who's work I did, was born in 1735. That was 280 years ago. She waited a long time, and I'm glad that I was able to help her. 


WHEW! It's hard to think of all that I've done this past week, because it feels so long. Please ask questions so I can be sure to tell you everything!! :) And tell me MORE!!!!!!!! I want to know what's going on in your life!!!!!!!!!


Love you tons and tons!!!


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