Monday, April 13, 2015

Not a lot of news.....

April 13, 2015

Your favorite missionary is good. We went to a funeral on Saturday. A memorial service actually. It was for a recent converts daughter. She had cerebral palsy and kidney failure. Inevitable, but still sad. We were there for support and comfort, and hopefully he'll be good soon.

Other than that, the work has been kind of slow. With the other set of elders, they are here for reactivation. So it is still Sister Zent and I, Elder Stokes and his new kid, Elder Hanson. The new ones are Elder Hamblin and Heindinger. We are pretty hopeful for great success in the ward.

I don't want to lose the elders!! Do you know why President Eaton is changing it? How is Brother Larsen???? It he okay?? I hope there aren't any lasting consequences. Congrats to Lindsay!! That's exciting for them!! and the Williams!! Give the kids a hug for me!!!

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