Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Safety for the Soul

Hello world!! 

It's me again! This is our walk week, but the weather has actually been better this week!! Funny how a little more clouds or a few degrees can make such a difference.

This week has been better. After the advice and counsel from my amazing friends and family and prayer, I talked to Sister Wood and we came up with a new focus along with finding. As our branch is very small and not very strong, we decided that we were going to ask the priesthood and auxiliary leaders what families and individuals we could focus on this week. We were able to get a few names and will talk to them this week and help them re-find that desire to come back. Hopefully we'll be able to see progress.

I love priesthood blessings! I was able to strengthen my testimony of them this week. I had asked for one earlier for comfort and strength to know that I am doing something here. And yesterday our branch president gave all of us a blessing. None of the four currently serving there had received one from him yet. It is something that President Wakolo had asked us to get when we first got into our new areas. I didn't get one in my last area- I'm not really sure why. Anyway, I was the last to receive one, so I was able to listen to the words used and the theme of the other three. They were specifically about setting apart for the work and how we all work together for the success and goodness for the branch. The first words of my actual blessing were that it was a blessing of comfort. I hadn't said anything to him, and it was just going to be a regular setting apart like the other three. But I know that the Father knows me and that I needed to know that He is always there for me. --I am doing fine, so no worries! :)

This week we were able to set a baptismal date! Her name is Renea, and she committed for August 16th! Not the best day ever, but pretty close :) She is very sweet and ready to learn and join. She heard about the church, and was actually referred to us, by her friend who is coming back to the church. We had a very good lesson with her, and the Spirit was so strong! I am excited to meet with her again this week. We are also slowly working with a few other families and people, but there isn't a whole lot of progress yet. I do know that our efforts aren't in vain. Something is showing from it- we just might not be the ones to see it though.

Thought of the Week: "Safety for the Soul" Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Safety For Your Soul
Love you all!! Please don't forget about me!!

Sister Pochop


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