Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello World!

May 11, 2015
Yesterday was Mother's Day, so I got to see my family!! It was a lot of fun and just getting to talk was a great experience. I appreciate and value the time we had!!! Love y'all!!!
I can't believe this is the last week of the transfer!! No, I don't know who is leaving. It is all in the Lord's hands. Yes, there is a high chance that Sister Zent will be getting transferred. She has been here for about 7 months. But there was a Sister that was in an area for 15 months. So anything is possible. But next week I'll know, then you'll know! :)
This week was a little slow in the work. On Tuesday, we did service almost all day. It was for a family in the ward who's son had died. They were having family come in and needed their house cleaned up. It took a while, but service is always so good.

Wednesday, we visited with the sweetest lady. She just moved here from the town over. She is a member, but lives in a rehabilitation home and doesn't have a ride. Her comprehension is slower than most, but she has a testimony! A member had donated a simplified, coloring book of the Book of Mormon to the mission, so we gave her one. She loves it! Even though she can't quite grasp the entire concept of the Book of Mormon, she understands bits and pieces and knows its true. It's fun to visit her.

We also taught Ethan again. It's slow going with him. He understands what we are teaching him, but I think he lacks the desire to put in the effort to change. He wants to and makes commitments, but he doesn't keep them all the time. That makes it hard, but as long as we have the Spirit with us when we teach I know that he will change. The Spirit is the most powerful member of our companionship, because he testifies of the truth. When we make Him our senior companion, the person we are teaching knows.

Friday was a long day. We had a meeting in Little Rock, then our ride had to pick someone up at the airport. Then they fed us, but we didn't get back to Hot Springs until 8. So we weren't productive with the work at all. But the meeting was good. We focused on raising the culture and the bar of our mission. Focusing on Exact Obedience. Also on strengthening ourselves and becoming better missionaries, then working on our companionships, the district, zone, then mission. All good things.
This week is going to be good! We have recommitted to being the best missionaries we can be. The work is true!!!

Sister Pochop
Scripture of the Week: Mosiah 28:3

3  Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not abear that any human bsoul should cperish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure dendless torment did cause them to quake and etremble.

(Book of Mormon | Mosiah 28:3)


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