Monday, September 28, 2015

Holy Guacamole!

Hey y'all!  

 I am now serving in Searcy, Arkansas. I've gone from the southwestern most end, to the northeastern most end, and now to the middle of the state almost. :) My companion is Sister Aase, who is as sweet as can be. She is from Minnesota, but her family just moved to Arkansas! I have actually looked up to her for most my mission. I had met her back when I was in Hot Springs and thought she was incredible nice and a great missionary! Who'd a thought we would be companions?! And for anyone that remembers her name can guess this next part. I have been called to be a Sister Training Leader.

Ahhh!! But it's really not that bad. :) I'm just a little nervous. I'm sure that not many people know what an STL is. We are the equivalent of a ZL over the sisters. Does that make sense? We go on exchanges and see what we can do to help the sisters serving in our zone. We instruct at zone meetings with the ZLs. Basically a leader to the sisters. But it'll be good!

I am still in the Searcy Zone, so I know most the people here. Also, because we go on exchanges with the sisters, I will end up in Paragould for a day :) But my address is
512 Walrose Cir
Searcy, AR 72143.
Let the letters commence!! :)

That sounds like fun for the Christensen family! Also, congratulations to Brother Doctor Dent :) He is a good man for the call. Wait... the Christensen's are going to miss this whole school year! Is that allowed? How is everyone else?
Well, this week has been kind of interesting. Said a lot of goodbyes on Monday and Tuesday. That was hard. Even though I had said how hard this area was, it became my home and the people my family. But I had had a feeling that I was getting transferred. The Lord knows what is best for each of us. Then since Wednesday, I've been meeting and trying to learn the area. And my companion. And what I'm doing as an STL. Little known fact about missionaries: _______________________________!!!! I couldn't believe it either! :)   You didn't think I was actually gonna let you in on it, did you?

The General Women's Broadcast was really good! What was actually a little unnerving is how they delivered their talks. Usually the Sisters go all happy valley and tell us how good we are doing. But this time, they were pleading with us and telling us things we need to do. Sister Aase and I half-joked that it was turning into Priesthood session. But it's true. The Church has never had double standards. We are all big enough to be told what we need to fix. No need for sugar coating. 

Then on Sunday, I gave a talk. Brand new to the ward and I'm talking! But I'm a missionary and I'm always willing to talk! :) I made a little joke in the beginning to set myself at ease and because I was introducing myself. (Hope you approve of that Mom.) First, Bishop said my name wrong, but knew he did because he sorta asked it when he announced the program. Then, before I got up there were two youth testimonies. The young man was INCREDIBLY TALL! So I joked with the 1st counselor about lowering the podium. That's what the 1st counselor in Paragould did for me when I spoke in church. But I felt better :) Then Elder Cunningham gave his talk and started with a joke about how I was not only after a tall person but also before another one. So the podium had a good work out yesterday :)

My scripture of the week is going to be a talk today. It is called "Finish With Your Torch Still Lit" by President Uctdorf. Let me know what you think! Then I'll share my insight :)

Sister Pochop

I did flip this but it didn't stay turned.

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