Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Working hard!

Hey y'all!

I am halfway through my fifth transfer- kinda crazy. It's gone by
really slow, but I have a feeling it'll pick up again. Happy Labor
Day! Hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend! It doesn't effect a
missionary schedule.

I got my boxes! Thank you so much!! So very yummy and delicious and
needed! I was especially happy for the contacts and the note. Thank
you! I love the minion picture :)

I'm really sad! And it's sad for our branch too! The VanAntwerps are
moving! They have been my bucket house and adopted family here in
Paragould. They fed me for my birthday and are always the first people
to help the missionaries! He got a job in Missouri, which is going to
be so good for them! But we will also be losing our 2nd counselor,
Relief Society president, Sunday school teachers, and branch organist
:( We are eating with them tonight, so I'll take pictures and send
them next week.

On Friday, we had an interesting Specialized Training. In case I
haven't explained before, Specialized is a training meeting done by
the Wakolo's and the APs. It's done by zones. This time, and future
meetings, we decided to "just do it". Not only were we going to be
learning new and better things, we were actually going to apply what
we learned while there! We broke up in 6 groups- not in our typical
companionships- and were dropped off in an area to practice what we
preached. It was really good. It also gave us the chance to work with
other missionaries. I was with another new sister (similar to my
everyday work with Sister Wright), and we got to learn from  each
other. Really a good meeting!

Also had quarterly interviews with President. I love that man. He and
Sister Wakolo say thank you for your support and all that you do as
parents. Truly a man of God.

We also had exchanges after. This was my second time with Sister Aase.
I love her! I've noticed that I've reached the 'age' where I can have
a really good learning experience and personal insight and growth from
the STLs. (Mission age). I look forward to any opportunity to learn
and have better insight and apply it to help me get better.

Church has been rather fun lately. Because of the smallness of our numbers, the sister are now attending young women’s, primary, and relief society. Wednesday was my first youth activity in 2 years. And Sunday we went to young women's and primary.
I am the substitute Primary pianist! Sorta :) The regular pianist is out of town most weekends because of her dad's health. So I get to play! It's fun to be in Primary again!

I love you all and hope y'all have a great weekend!!

Scripture of the Week: 1 Nephi 8 and Mark 4 they go together! :)

Sister Pochop

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