Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It feels like a minute!

Hey y'all!

For being August in the South, the weather is pretty nice. We have been really lucky with weather that hasn't been too hot thank goodness! :) I'm on walk week again. For those who missed it the past many times I've had, its when we have an entire week out of the month that we walk. We don't have the use of a car. The situation is a little different from before because we are now sharing two cars with three sets of missionaries. But it's for the best! By the way, it's done tomorrow :)

Tuesday was District meeting. It's always pretty fun. We talked/ learned about the importance of listening to the Spirit and our investigators as we teach. It is so important! And not just the listening to them verbally but also physically. Body language is often more telling. Every time I read about it in Preach My Gospel or hear about it in meetings, I always think back to ASL, and how dependent the language is on that. It's really interesting, and I feel lucky that I have that step up on others :)

For some reason or other I, along with a dozen other missionaries scattered in the mission, were invited to attend the Mission Leadership Council meeting. Typically it is only for the Wakolo's, Assistants, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders. This meeting is for the leaders to discuss the monthly focus, how to increase the focus, what the missionaries need, and other things like that. This time, they decided to invite other missionaries that typically wouldn't attend. But it ended up being another type of training meeting. It was very good though! I was grateful to have been able to attend.

We had two brethren from Church Headquarters attend. One was the head of the Proselyting Department, and he allowed questions to direct his part. Naturally the questions were about the best finding ways, effective use of certain times, good scriptures to use in certain situations, things like that. The best way to find people is through the members. Because you know people and are friends and have opportunities to talk about the Gospel and what you believe in a way that is less threatening than "we're representatives of Jesus Christ with a message for you..." Y'all have already done the scary part :) So to all my loverly family and friends reading this: will you think of people that you can share the Gospel with and people you can give to the missionaries to meet? I promise that it won't offend them. It actually shows that you care about them in another way. 

 Renea is still doing good. She missed her date because she "wants to know everything". She has a lot of questions about all aspects of what we believe, but she has a testimony and knows that what we are sharing is true. The thing is to help her see that. Something that came to me while planning for her was Alma 32:21: "And now as I said concerning faith--faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." She has faith which doesn't require a perfect knowledge! I think that will help, but ultimately it is her timeframe. But I'll keep y'all updated!

 We also finally met with a family that was referred to us. We had met them in the past, but plans fell through or it was just visiting and trying to set up another time. We actually got to sit down and teach them on Saturday. It was such a good lesson! It was the Restoration- can I just say that I love the message of the Restoration? It is my favorite thing to teach. And I always feel the Spirit so strong with the First Vision. It so happens that the last few times of teaching it I have the part with it to teach. (We switch on points so that our teaching is 50/50.) I love being able to recite it because I know it is true! It isn't just words that I memorized- it is the testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith! And as I have recites it more and more, it has become my testimony as well! It was a miraculous event that changes my life! I know it is true and am so grateful that I can share it with so many others. And the wife came to church on Sunday! So very exciting!!

Scripture of the week: Psalms 27:14


Sister Pochop

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