Monday, March 2, 2015

First area is......

Welcome to Hot Springs, Arkansas!!!!!!!! Hot Springs in the birthday place of Bill Clinton. It's a small town southwest of Little Rock. It's a nice town- I'm not saying that I would ever want to live here, but it's a good area. I've met a lot of the people in my ward, but still don't have them all straight yet. I recognize the faces!! But not the names.

My companion and trainer is Sister Camille Zent. She is from Wyoming and has been out for 4 months. She's really nice and friendly. She knows why she is here on a mission which is important and helpful to the cause. This is the only area she has served in so far, so she really knows the area.

We live in this cute, little apartment off the main road.
The address is:
Sister Paige Pochop
200 Lakeland Dr G-1
Hot Springs, AR 71913.
That way all mail and packages can come straight to me and I won't have to wait until transfer or zone meetings. Speaking of those, I have received all my warm clothes, bedding, cute skirts, and everything else that was in those boxes. Thank you!!!

I was a complete and utter doofus and forgot my camera. The only pictures I could have sent you were from the MTC because I haven't had it with me here. I'm trying to learn the roads and remember the people, so it hasn't really been on the top of my mind.

Speaking now about the work. On my first day here, I invited someone to be baptized and he accepted!!!!! Then two days later we invited another investigator to be baptized and he said yes as well!!! The dates for those are March 15, and March 29. It was really exciting and powerful to be there and feel the Spirit so powerfully. We have been teaching them with members, and I have to say that its powerful. Members can bring in personal experiences that are more relatable than if it just came from us missionaries. Will you (as a member) commit to go out and teach with the missionaries?

Shopping is good. We have food left over and member's had brought us meals.

I'm feeling great. Still overwhelmed with not knowing anyone, but its getting better. You know me- I like to look at things from the outside then act. I can't really do that as a missionary. I have to act then look at things. But I'll manage.

I'm an aunt again?!??! That's exciting!! (Did you ever tell Doug about my MTC teacher? I think I emailed and wrote about it. I'll send a picture next week- I don't have his email.) I'm a second time aunt and still haven't met them. HMM... one day!! :)
Congrats to Tyson!! Congratulations to the Steveson's!!!
Sister Pochop

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