Monday, March 16, 2015

Halfway through a transfer!

I can't believe I've been here 3 weeks!! I feel like I just got here yesterday! The work has been going well here in Hot Springs!! The elders in the ward had another baptism yesterday. It was powerful- he was beaming when he came out of the water. He really does have a testimony and was prepared for what he just committed himself to.

Last Tuesday, we had a specialized training meeting. It's just a meeting that is special :D But really, we just talked about improving and REFINING the mission. It was pretty helpful.

COOL STUFF!!! We are getting iPads in May! We are 1 of 5 missions chosen from the Southeast America missions to get them. It's pretty exciting! President Wakolo showed us the letter from the brethren. They have great faith in us! I hope no one lets them down.

March 28, the Church is putting out the Easter 2015 video, "Because He Lives." It is amazing!!! You need to check it out when its available!! And share it with your friends! It exemplifies the fact that He lives. And shows the importance and belief in Him that we, as Mormons, have.
We are kind of at a stand still with Ethan. He went home for Spring Break, so we haven't seen him for a week. Matt is doing great! He came to church again and witnessed the Elder's baptism. He really feels at home in the church, which is a great sign. We just need him to have the desire to quick smoking. He says he can, but doesn't quite want to yet, but we plan on committing him again this week.

Harvesting (tracting) is good. Since this is the Bible Belt, not everyone is super friendly to the Mormon missionaries.. Haha -- what's really funny is that those we visit with always ask how old I am. I tell them, and they are shocked!!! They ALL say "I thought you were 10!" So I lost a couple years, but they always tell me how good it is to look young. Some things never change :)

Keep the letters and emails, prayers, and love coming!!!!!

I love y'all!!

Sister Pochop

Scripture of the Week: D&C 6:36
36  aLook unto me in every bthought; cdoubt not, fear not.

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